I'm Karissa. I am a California based photographer documenting stories for non-profit organizations and wedding couples. I believe that everyone has a story worth telling and I look for moments, candid or inspired, that honestly and authentically represent the missions and relationships of the people I work with. I absolutely love what I do and love sharing what I have learned along the way with others! 


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July 13, 2017

Martha’s Vineyard Photo Diary


Sometimes there are those moments in life that catch you off guard; places you go and people you’re with that seem to perfectly align in a way that makes you want to take a mental snapshot of that moment and time. That’s how I felt most of our time in Martha’s Vineyard. When our friends invited us to their family’s farm as a wedding present, I had no idea what to expect. I pictured a beach and waves and a boat with some old sailor in wellies. That was about as much as my imagination could muster up. I really had no idea what to expect. But from the moment we turned off the pavement onto the dirt road towards the farm, I knew I was going to love this whole experience. And because it is hard to articulate my week through words, I have decided to share a photo diary, instead. I hope these images capture the adventure, laughter, and moments of stillness throughout the week. Here is a glimpse into our time at Martha’s Vineyard. Enjoy!


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