Hitting the Pause Button


I don't know about you, but I have been hitting the pause button quite a bit this year. Perhaps it's something in the air or getting older or just recovering from the craziness from last year. Whatever it is, I long for slowing down and being present, taking time to truly reconnect with people in my life and enjoy the environment around me.


Last month my mom and I flew across the country to Florida to visit my mom's side of the family. After a few weeks of crazy schedules and work, we hit the pause button big time in Florida and it was wonderful. We stayed with my aunt, uncle, and grandmother on their farm. It was so lovely and peaceful and naturally I cannot go anywhere without my camera so I snapped a few pictures during our week there. 

Untitled design-33.png

I love living in the city for its opportunities, friendships, arts, and culture, although I will also say that my heart is so happy when I jump into a slower pace of life. It was lovely catching up with family and waking up with all of the animals running over to greet us each morning. Oh and the stars! Holy moly the stars! You definitely don't get a night sky like that in the city.

Untitled design-6.png

And of course family, I will always cherish time with my family. Pictured below is my mom, my grandmother (who is 95!) and my uncle. It was such a wonderful reunion.